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Sea air, comfortably in your home!

Respiratory hygiene with natural and anti-stress methods is now more important than ever!
With Halovita Salt Air Device we bring the salt cave directly to your home”

Salt grotto always ready, at your home!

The salt cave (salt room) provide a 100% natural, effective and safe salt therapy method, it improves the functioning of the lungs by cleaning them like a soft brush, strengthens the immune system using the smallest particles of dry salt air.

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Let the healthy air be always at your home!

The salt air that people can breathe in the salt caves resorts (e.g. Wieliczka, Poland, Berchtesgaden, Germany) and spa salt rooms offers many benefits to health especially to respiratory wellness. From today you can take advantage of it whenever you want and in any place.

HaloVita’ salt air also helps and benefits in cases of respiratory viral infections.

The salt particles settling on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract have a decongestant effect. The mucus liquefies (providing mucolytic effect) and therefore the conditions are created for its faster removal from the body together with bacteria and viruses, preventing them from starting the disease.

Many people who visited the salt rooms noticed very beneficial effects in the relaxation of the nervous system and stress calming. The best you can give to your body in the periods of high pressures and stresses – just rest in your comfortable room and inhale benefits of salt therapy air at your home.

Switch on your Halovita and relax on your coach,
safe and healthy salt air will work for all your family!

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Halovita salt air, how does it work?

  • As a gentle "brush" to effectively and safely clean the respiratory tract and lungs from impurities, waste products and mucus
  • Providing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits while reducing swelling
  • Generally improving breathing and we know that breath - is life.

Discover all benefits for everyone’s wellness studied by our specialists for many years in our guide on Salt therapy!

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Why choose Halovita?

“You portable salt room in the house”:

  • Device designed by Halomed – the leading company - expert in the technologies for salt therapy and salt rooms
  • Replicate the natural method (resorts in the natural salt mines)
  • Invisible salt air with the salt particles smaller than 10 microns that effectively cleanses lungs for everyone
  • Portable and lightweight device. You can take it with you to travel and use whenever you need it
  • Short sessions from 10 minutes or longer for complete healthy relaxation
  • 99% pure salt approved for salt therapy is included in the delivery package (for up to 100 sessions)
  • Can be used wireless with powerbank

During holiday trip I’ve visited the salt room in the hotel and I liked the positive results with my allergy. Unfortunately there are no salt rooms in my town and when my friend told about HaloVita, I’ve decided to purchase my device for the house. I don’t regret about this decision.. after the first session I’ve noticed good effect and now I can have salt therapy at home whenever I want.

Francesca M.

My fiancé often travels around the country on business and I bought him a portable salt generator to maintain his health and prevent colds while traveling.

Jacqueline B.

I know salt therapy and visited salt rooms many times. Now when I don't have time I compensate my visits to salt rooms by doing the session at home. With this Halovita salt device I see excellent result!

Paolo L. 

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